About The Author


My name is Dekelyah. I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

From a very young age, I used my body as a tool to express my thoughts and emotions.

At 10 I started to practice gymnastics, followed by dance and yoga, and have been practicing different kinds of yoga in many places in the world, including Israel, Holland and India.

After many years of practicing foreign Yoga routines, I sustained an injury to 3 discs in my neck. As a result I could not exercise in the way that I had become accustomed. Inevitably I suffered a great crisis. At that time I was in Switzerland and the high mountain air along with deep breathing techniques helped me elevate the practice of yoga to the next level. At that time I started to learn Kabbalah, and the meaning of the Holy Letters. Eventually I combined the deep breathing with these letters into a meditative state of mind. I believe in the power of the holy letters to heal, to focus, to rejuvenate the mind, to give peaceful and light within our selves and to the world.

It took a long while and soon after I found a teacher in Jerusalem who showed me the amazing body-mind-soul connection I had always yearned for, through the Alef-Beit Stretch.

After 8 years of practicing exclusively in Jewish form, I believe there is no need to copy foreign methods when we can connect directly to our own Jewish knowledge.

The knowledge in the “Book of creation” – ספר היצירה, is rooted within us through our Holy fathers and mothers, from the beginning of time. We can continue their ways and keep them forever…

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my family. I practice a Chassidic life style and teach Alef Beit Stretch for Women and Children.